You're Wondering...

"How should I flag that I’m a “safe” space for LGBTQ+ clients?” You’re in the right place! This is a training for inclusive badass practitioners to create a truly LGBTQ+ affirming practice. This course will help your allyship show through the different aspects of your practice by creating alignment between your intentions and actions. 

In this one-hour self-paced course you’ll learn:

  • An understanding of what an ally is and how to be one

  • How to show your allyship through your work and actions

  • Understand the importance of being in consultation with LGBTQ providers

  • Walk away with so many more questions because you know how to ask them!

What You Get!

  • 1 hour of content including pre-recorded videos through a self-paced learning platform

  • Guidance in editing your own assessments, website, and marketing to be more affirming

  • Engaging quizzes and prompts for reflection

  • Opportunity for ongoing consultation after (as space allows)

Course curriculum

    1. Meet me!

    2. Get to know me Print Outs!

    3. Favorite Poem- Madness Vase by Andrea Gibson

    1. Why Are we here?

    2. Why are we Here print outs

    3. Why are we here?

    4. Safe Space does not exist: How we can work to create safER space

    1. Demographics questions

    2. Intake Paperwork

    3. Individual and Relationship Assessment

    4. Print out for Intake Assessments and Demographics info

    5. Video For Paperwork Check List

    6. Paperwork Checklist

    7. Paperwork Quiz

    1. Marketing

    2. Marketing...again

    3. Marketing Print Out

    4. Marketing Quiz

    1. Decreasing Barriers to Gender Affirming Letters

    2. Gender Affirming Letters Print Out

    3. Quiz Decreasing Barriers

    1. Importance of Lived Experience Consults

    2. Print Out Lived Experience Consult

    3. Quiz Consulting with folx of lived experience

    4. Feedback Form

About this course

  • $75.00
  • 25 lessons

Who should NOT take this course

  • Providers with lived experience might find this validating but not groundbreaking.

  • Providers who don’t want to see queer and trans clients or those who support conversion therapy, ABA. Don’t be a jerk. 

  • People who learn better in community learning environments. Stay tuned for community-based resources in the future! 

  • People who don’t have a private practice. While you could learn a lot, you don’t have control over the paperwork.

  • If you’re looking for recommendations for interventions to use with queer and trans clients. This course takes what you already do and makes it more affirming and inclusive. Courses on interventions coming soon!

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